Invited talks:

Keynote Address: ‘Sisters, Sluts and Solidarity: Feminist Activism in the US and UK’ at the Future of Feminisms in the Nordic Region Copenhagen, August 2016

‘Feminist Resistance to Neoliberalism’ at a workshop on Feminism and Neoliberalism at Goldsmiths, May 2017

Other invited talks: University of Oxford, Birkbeck, University of London,  University of Manchester, Royal Holloway, University of London

Conference papers (select):

‘Gender, Ethnicity and Political Representation in Canada and the UK’ with Jeanette Ashe, ECPG Lausanne, June 2017

‘Working for Women? The emergence, organisation and impact of the Women’s Equality Party’ with Meryl Kenny at APSA, Philadelphia and ECPR, Prague, 2016

‘The political representation of BAME and indigenous men’ with Jeanette Ashe, Men and Politics workshop, University of Bristol, 2016

‘Intersectionality and student feminist praxis’, GRC workshop, University of Bristol, 2016

‘Intersectionality, Symbolic Representation and Feminist Activism’ at ECPG 2015, Uppsala University

‘Radical voices? Inclusivity and women only spaces in US and UK feminism’, IPSA Montreal, 2014

‘Abortion debates: the Americanisation of UK Politics?’, PSA, Manchester, 2014

‘Silos, Intersectionality and Beyond: Accounting for the Descriptive Representation of Women’ CES, Washington DC, 2014

‘The relationship between the women’s movement and political parties’, ECPR, Glasgow, 2014

‘Feminists and Democrats: Third Wave Feminism and Political Engagement’, Politics and Policy, Bristol, 2013

‘Third Wave Feminisms and Political Representation’, ECPR, Bordeaux, 2013