Stefanie Reher and I on Disability and Political Representation for the Conservative Disability Group available here

Kimberly Cowell-Meyers, Ki-young Shin and I on women’s political parties available here

Meryl Kenny and I on the Women’s Equality Party and the 2017 snap General Election is available here as part of a wider report on the election.

‘Won’t someone think of the men?’ PSA Women and Politics  (with Meryl Kenny)

‘Hard choices: why we should avoid overestimating Clinton’s candidacy’ PSA, 2015

‘Sexual harassment isn’t a new problem for the Lib Dems’ The Conversation 2014

Men only? Women’s representation and the Liberal Democrats’ Democratic Audit, 2013

‘Increasing Women’s Presence at Westminster’, PSA, 2013

The revived debate on abortion is not simply dog whistle politics, but a threat to women’s rights’. British Politics and Policy at LSE, 2012

Cameron’s (and politics’) ‘woman problem’ is not something to be ‘managed’ but to be solved’. British Politics and Policy at LSE, 2012

Select media contributions

  • BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour discussion of UK feminism and the Swedish Feminist Party.
  • The Guardian on violence against women politicians
  • Total Politics article on British By-elections.
  • The Evening Standard: discussion of the challenges facing women MPs.
  • BBC Bristol radio Drivetime Show: discussion of Liberal Democrats and local elections.
  • BBC1 Sunday Politics Segment on the use of open primaries.
  • BBC London radio The Breakfast Show. Analysis of the London Mayoral elections.
  • BBC Radio 4 The Westminster Hour: discussion of women and the Liberal Democrats.