I was appointed Senior Lecturer in Politics at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2016, Prior to this I was a Lecturer in Politics at University of Bristol (2012-2016) and at Kingston University (2010-2012). I undertook an ESRC post doctoral fellowship 2009-2010 at the University of Bristol. I was awarded my PhD in 2009 from Goldsmiths, University of London.

My research centres around gender and politics. My work explores the interaction between gender, feminist activism and political representations in formal and informal locations, and has been funded by the ESRC and British Academy. My second book analysed debates and developments within feminism and activism in the US and UK, providing a theoretical and empirical analysis of the impact of intersectionality and neoliberalism on feminist engagement with the state. I am particularly interested in feminist praxis and the contentious relationship between the women’s movement and formal politics.

My work provides a comparative analysis of gender and politics and in particular, the influence that political systems have upon the interaction between the women’s movement and the state. I have explored specific policy areas, such as reproductive justice, alongside the multiple modes and tactical repertoires of the feminist movement.

I have published widely on the gendered dimensions of descriptive, substantive and symbolic political representation and explored the role for feminist politics within political parties in both the US and UK. My work has analyzed the limitations of formal politics for advancing women’s interests and has highlighted the multiple sites in which feminist interests are (re)created and contested.

Current projects include: the intersections between disability and gender; the dynamics of feminist protest in an age of neoliberalism; the interaction between gender and ethnicity in Canadian and UK politics with Jeanette Ashe; and an exploration of the Women’s Equality Party with Meryl Kenny.

I am a founding co-editor of the European Journal of Politics and Gender, a past convenor of the PSA Women and Politics group (2010-2013) and ECPG the ECPR standing group on gender and politics (2013-2017). I have also served as a UCU Equality Representative at University of Bristol and Kingston University.